Welcome to my website of translation services. My name is Raúl Gutiérrez, I am a native Spanish freelance translator specialized in English/German into Spanish translation.

I ensure quality translations, backed up by an official qualification, a long experience and a sound knowledge of the languages I work with. This is my guarantee to delivering a really professional translation. Because in translation, quality is not an added value, it's a must.

Do you need a nearly understandable translation or rather an outstanding text that feels like -or even improves- the original?

Translation is often more an art than a science and requires some fundamental skills. It is necessary to know the source language, with its structures and nuaces, as well as to have a perfect command of the target language. But equally as importat is the knowledge about the specific field, since every text is a language in itself, with its particular features and terminology. Therefore, I do not translate languages, not even words, but texts.

In this website you will find all the resources and necessary information I put at my clients' disposal. I hope you find the contents of this website useful and accessible; please feel free to submit your comments or suggestions!

Need an estimate for your translation?

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